Beginning of March – year 3

Beginning of March 2010…..week 3 & 4 Year 3

JCB in action

This part of the path has been slopping to one side for sometime, in fact long before we took over the plot, we have been walking on this part of the path in an unbalance way that something has to be done to make it right….. so here comes my loved JCB…. first task of this year…. to balance the walking path….


There we are having Parsnips for tea, they are from Fred’s plot, he kindly share some of his last year grown and this year’s very early harvest……


In Bed 8, I have sowed 2 small rows of Radish seeds…. 25th Feb 2010….

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25 sweet years – Year 3

16th February 2010 ……..

Just couldn’t ignore that time real flies by, 25 years can be a mark for this occasion. When it reach to double of this figures; 50, definitely a big achievement in any pairs’ lifetime……

Silver Anniversary

A token to mark this occasion…..

25 years

Sweet Balls Desert

My first time to make this symbolic my hometown ‘Valentine’ sweetie desert, the round ball shape made from gluten rice flour meant ‘no ending’… such as….., the sweet sugar lump inside the ball obviously you know and I know what it meant…… Well the verdict for this first time is quite success and taste real sweetly yummy…..

Sweet Balls

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CNY – New Year Feast (Year of Tiger) – Year 3

14th February 2010

For  myself; the best bit to celebration any festival is the feast part.  Here comes the Chinese New Year and the seasonal vegetable is the Mooli Radish, they are big, real large pieces on sales from most Chinese Super Market.  I’ve tried to grow at the plot but not as big as they are last year, but I shall try again this year…  The bumper harvest of the Spaghetti Squashes has been in the dinner menu in many time and in many method.  The last squash has been made use in desert too….

Mooli Radish Cake

I have recorded the procedure of how to make the Mooli Radish cake (蘿蔔糕) and like most Chinese cuisine the preparation takes lots to do but the cooking is quite simple… just steam it….

Mooli Cake  1

Mooli Cake 2

Mooli Cake 3

Spaghetti Squash + Pineapple Puff

Discover another version to use all the Spaghetti Squashes, I use my last Spaghetti Squash to mix with pineapple to make up the fillings and sandwiched in puff pastry.  The baked result tasted really yummy….. also the seeds of both Spaghetti Squashes and Pumpkins seeds are my best mate to accompany me for all these winter nights movies watching…

Spaghetti Squash & Pineapple Puff

Chinese New Year Dinner

The focus of the photo was not perfect as the sight of the food has been taken over the concentrate through the lens… found that long table is best with western dining while the round table is best with Chinese dining as the dishes of food can be access in all sides….

CNY 2010 feast

Dumplings = Nuggets

Another favourite of using the chives that I have been frozen at week 33 – year 2, was to make lots of dumplings during the CNY, the chives mixed with pork, pawns, Chinese mushrooms and young bamboo shoots as the fillings of the dumpling.  Both soupy and fried version are my top favourite…..

CNY 2010 feast 2

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