Week 50 – Year 2

18th January – 24th January 2010

A bitterly cold but dry week, walked to the allotment few times this week, ….. to empty the compost materials there and do a bit of digging in… get some food for the worms….

Bottle Windmills

While there is a quiet period for allotment activities, is the time for making some preparation  gadgets …. here are some plastic bottle windmills that I made for putting out at the allotment later on the year….

Bottle windmills

Leaf Molds

During the week I have eventually dug out the last Brussels Sprouts, tidy up the canes and net… decided to dig in the leaf molds and let the coming frosty weather do the job… will grow another trial Brussels Sprouts in the coming months….

Leaf Molds

Parsnip Chips

Still a bucketful of Parsnips left in the Garage, decided to get one for the chips, here I picked a twin Parsnip and have a tray of chips to enjoy… yum yum

Parsnip Chips

Seed Potatoes

I know I have to let the ground a rest this year and that is not growing too many potatoes… not to exhaust the goodies of the ground …. so here is the little variety of seeds bought for this year’s hopeful yield… wait and see….

Seed Potatoes

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Week 49 – Year 2

11th January – 17th January 2010

A tiny thaw with another snowfall afterward, everything turn white again… dé⋅jà vu or ground hog…. By the look of those berries still hanging on those branches (which I have noticed they were all bare without berries by this time of last few years…) the winter is going strong this time….

Snow Scenes

The snow does really have its attraction and see how it does to my camera….

Snow scene

Mini Pumpkin

We decided to use the Pumpkin, one of my supposed Mini Pumpkins which I have harvested during October last year… have made one third of it into Pumpkins and Carrots soup (my sunshine input)… the rest is going to roast… the seeds are collected either for the coming year grow or for my snacks….

Mini Pumpkin


The soil has loosen up after the thaw so we decided to dig out all the Parsnip… We all feel very pleased for the result of the growth of Parsnips this time especially the first trial… We have made chips, stews and roast Parsnip so far… they are just sweet and tasty … Definitely will grow more this coming year…


Spaghetti Squash Seeds

We had use the Spaghetti Squash too and here are the seeds that I pick out for growing this year and the rest has been roasted to be snacks…

Seeds of Spaghetti Squash

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Week 48 – Year 2 (the Big Freeze)

3rd January – 10th January 2010

For this beginning week of the year, we are all stay low for the Big Freeze, from Tuesday (5th) onwards of the week we are all ice in, no school, no transport, no shopping, no digging…. but plenty of snow and ice to see and feel….

These were taking while I popped down to the allotment to empty the vegetable peelings to the bin…

Frozen Leeks & Onions

They will be covered by ice and snow in the coming few days, I hope they will survive and recover… wait and see…..



When I caught a bit dry spell, hang out all the birdies treat… so they wont suffer too much during the big freeze….


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Week 45,46,47-Year 2(Feasting Christmas & Freezing New Year)

14th December 2009 – 2nd January 2010

The allotment journal has come to a stop (break) when the weather has changed from nice to not nice…. as I have not prepared to spend a fortune on gear for growing in wrap up condition… so I give the ground a rest…. As the big Festival of the year is approaching fast lots to be prepared during this time of year….

Feasting Christmas

Turkey is our main course as usual and another success of this year….

Turky Feast

The Sea Food starters always call for an encore…..


Sea Food starter

I have made lots of Muffins this time of year, thanks for Beryl’s new recipe and they are special delicious and yummy… so far I have made the Plum and Ginger… White Chocolate and Pear… Apple and Raisins… Ginger and Pear… Dark Chocolate and Raisins… here is the Cherry and Coconut version… really yummy… honestly I prefer this to the original Christmas cake….

Cherry Coconut Muffins

Freezing New Year

The Big Freeze is here for stay for a while in Britain… from far North to down South… all cover with snow and ice…. A record has been made for this freeze attack on the new begin of 2010… traffic stop… schools close… businesses not as usual as said… Many made use this snowy excuses to make joyful experiences provided by the snow….  I too went out took a few snow scenes and they are really mesmeric and has its own beauty….

Snow scene 1a

Snow scene 2

Snow scene 3

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Week 44 – Year 2

7th December – 13th December 2009

Getting colder this week, the forecast was still 50 to 50 on White Christmas, but definitely a cold Christmas as usual… here in UK…


Dug out some Parsnips for Christmas do as it may be too frosty to try the ground….


General View

The plot still looking fine at the moment and it will take the test when the bad weather approach…

General View w44y2

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