Week 43 – Year 2

30th November – 6th December 2009

Cold week and expecting colder later on ….

The to do list is coming up longer as the festival is getting closer ….

Here is the view of the plot… how it looks like in the bleak winter scene….

Bed 1

Bed No.1

Bed 2

Bed No.2

Bed 3

Bed No.3

Bed 4

Bed No.4

Bed 5

Bed No.5

Bed 6

Bed No.6

Bed 7

Bed No.7

Bed 8

Bed No.8

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Week 42 – Year 2 (Rain, Wind, Damp, Wet)

23rd November – 29th November 2009

The sky still laden with rain clouds, heavy down pours on and off…. sad to hear that lives lost  in this bad weather….

A cold spell snap in at the end of the week….. catch a dry spell and popped down to the plot to check any damage…. it looks OK …


Dug out some parsnips and found some of them has fork out, but still can be edible for put into stews… one of them has the longest root so far I have seen in my plot…



All the rest of cabbages seems growing fine, the summer variety Primo (7 of them) will soon be picked as they cannot stand in the cold weather…. feast of cabbages soon on the menu..



All these Lettuce will be out soon as they too cannot stand the cold here even they are winter variety unless they are covered up with fleece or poly tunnel… so stir fried Lettuce on the menu too….


Bed no. 8

This bed is fantastic, all signs of decent growth of vegetable…. Onions, Peas, Board Beans….

Bed 8

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