Week 35 – Year 2 (Chilli & Beetroot)

5th October – 11th October 2009

At last we have rain, the sort of heavy rain that can soak through and through…. since we have a dry spell for a little while so this is very welcome for the ground soaking…..


Decided to clear out the patio and harvested all the Chilies, 4 x 10″ clay pots & 5 x 7″ plastic pots and what a bumper Chilli Galore…. very pleased for this first time experience….



All puff up in sizes with the comeback of the natural watering…. rain… I have pickle couple of them and end up with two big jars… the rest go to either salad or into my version of Russian oxtail beetroot soup…. they are delicious in whatever way of cooking…


Busy storing, pickling and freezing all the produces this week, the coming week is going to harvest some more…. truly experienced what harvest means in agricultural world….  besides ‘picking’, the following process ‘storage’ is vital too… that shows how you value the effort you put in making these vegetable grow…

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