Week 41 – Year 2

16th November – 22nd November 2009

Flood alert and bad weather hit Cumbria, southern part of Scotland, the Lake District….

We are in touch wood situation at the South West, windy and cloudy, on and off of heavy showers…

During this continue wet and windy weather…. On Tuesday caught up with a clear spell and went down to the Allotment to tidy up those bags of compost, empty to the bins and gave them some massage (add some compost maker and gave them a stir)…..


While I was at the plot, pick up some veggie for the week… Swiss Chard doing excellent despite the foul weather… though I have got some Parsnip in fork shape, they are still sweet in taste… my Mooli Radish has a big improvement from last year’s stock, use them in my curry really yummy….

Harvest w41y2


The downpours has not affect the growth of my Garlic, they grow taller than the week last…



The same as my Winter Onions, they welcome the rain too….

Winter Onion

Feltham First Peas

Nice to see my Feltham First peas has shown the pea tops… my disguise of sowing them with grits and pebbles do work…

Feltham First Pea

Board Bean

Most of my early sown Board Beans has shot up… though there are couple gaps in between the rows, I shall fill them with my home grow seedlings in Springtime if they do remain gapping at me through the winter…

Board Beans

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Week 40 – Year 2 (blown Brussels Sprout)

9th November – 15th November 2009

The whole week is wet wet wet, cloudy and at the end of this week we had gale wind and heavy rainfalls.   I caught the small gap of clear spell and popped down to empty the veggie peelings to the compost bin …. And…

Brussels Sprout (blown)

Failure is a step to success….. decided to finish off the blown Brussels Sprouts, cut off five of them and dump them into the compost bin and there is only one left and look a bit a lonely to struggle this year…… learn the mistake: get a strong type of seeds and firm up the ground before planting next time….

Brussel sprouts w40y2

Brussel sprouts bruied


Harvested some Leeks that I have planted in early this year, they are not as big as I have expected, probable the dry spell in September and October… I am looking forward for the one I planted in late summer…. still eat lots not waste, these leeks all gone to make Potato & Leek soup…


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Week 39 – Year 2

2nd November – 8th November 2009

A windy wet week, and at the end of the week we had the first of wintry feel … mostly dashed to the plot to empty my vegetable peelings to the compost bin or brought some left over meat for the fox there….

A quiet Guy Fawkes Night this year, probably because of the foul weather or the tight economic affordability…..

Board Beans

Noted that my early sown Board Beans at (Week 36 – Year 2) has shown sign of growth…. it is very encouraging….

Board Beans 1

So I sown the rest of Board Beans in the pack to bed 8…. looking for a bumper crops next year….

Board Beans 2


Noted that some of my garlic has sprouted too…


Spring Hero

I have noted that they are still standing this week… I promise that I must do something about them…..

Spring Hero

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Week 38 – Year 2 (Spaghetti Squashes Gift)

26th October – 1st November 2009

The Halloween has came and gone this year, only have one “trick or treat” knock at the door, in fact these few years has been less and less “trick or treat” at our area, probably the children were now grown up …. they prefer indoor party and have their “trick or treat” among their friends….

Spaghetti Squashes – Gift

Since I have harvested all the Spaghetti Squashes and cannot consume all, the best way is to share with friends who like them and here they go as my gift to Ho’s family…. the pretty bows lift up the appearance…

Spaghetti Squashes gift

Feltham First Peas

Sow some peas that grow through winter months, bought this peas from Henleaze Garden centre…. mix the pea with some grits then sow in 2 rows, this is a trick I learnt from others that if there are mice the grits can help save the peas… hahaha …. (the rest of the peas seed I gave to Shirley to try on)…. then I erect the usual pea support and cover with some Tansy leaves for deter pests (suppose this may work)….

Feltham First peas


While I was at the garden centre, bought another pack of garlic and here they are sow at the front bed, since we all love garlic in cooking and that is really eat lot not waste….

Garlic bed 1


My winter Lettuce seems growing fast in this change of season… the 3 lines of Spring Onion which I sow in between has also shoot up too, together with all these weeds…. the saying “good and bad are companion in all” is real true….

Winter Lettuce

Spring Hero

I have not prepare well for this planting, but I have to try on so I put all 10 young plants at bed 3, protect by the half cut plastic bottles and hope to get around to do something about them in later days….

Spring Hero

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Week 37 – Year 2

19th October – 25th October 2009

My niece and nephew will come to stay for a few days during their half term this and the coming week.  Delighted to have a full house for awhile and get myself busy in the kitchen.

We have couple dry spell this weeks and decided to planted out Garlic in the plot…


Planted all the garlic in different beds as I use them in cooking frequently and I use them as they grow…

Garlic w37y2

Spaghetti Squash

My stack of Spaghetti Squashes planting system is working, I have 9 big squashes out of 2 plants, when the time I decided to pull the stack down and here come 2 more hidden inside….

Spagheti Squashes w37y2


It is around this time of the year, after most veggie have been harvested, the ground need to be turn over dig in some nutrition for the next crop…. here come my favourite helper my favourite humanoid JCB in action…

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Week 36 – Year 2

12th October – 18th October 2009

Thanks for a couple decent days in this week, popped down to the allotment picking most the Spaghetti Squashes and all pumpkins…. very please for this year’s fine grows…

Spaghetti Squashes & Pumpkins

Pumpkins & S Squashes

Mooli Radish

A big improvement from my last year growth and as the usual saying “got plenty room to progress”… at least this years I can cook some of the picking while last year mostly go to the compost bin… learned that they are better grow in early Spring or after the heat of Summer…

Moli Radish


My parsnips are produce good roots this time and as I planted in plenty in different beds this year, I have picked quite a few and they are really sweeter than the one bought from supermarket…



These are from Bert’s @ plot 19, as I said this year is good year with Beetroot, most plots have plenty and good stock of beetroot this year.  I pickle, salad and get them into soup… they are super yummy…


Board Beans

Planted in the Winter growth Board Beans @ Bed 4 & 5 top half, as I found that the growth is better planted in early than the one planted in Springtime, less Black fly trouble…..

Board Beans


Planted in some Winter Onions at Bed 8, they will grow through the winter…. pick as it grow for winter use…

Winter Onions

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Week 35 – Year 2 (Chilli & Beetroot)

5th October – 11th October 2009

At last we have rain, the sort of heavy rain that can soak through and through…. since we have a dry spell for a little while so this is very welcome for the ground soaking…..


Decided to clear out the patio and harvested all the Chilies, 4 x 10″ clay pots & 5 x 7″ plastic pots and what a bumper Chilli Galore…. very pleased for this first time experience….



All puff up in sizes with the comeback of the natural watering…. rain… I have pickle couple of them and end up with two big jars… the rest go to either salad or into my version of Russian oxtail beetroot soup…. they are delicious in whatever way of cooking…


Busy storing, pickling and freezing all the produces this week, the coming week is going to harvest some more…. truly experienced what harvest means in agricultural world….  besides ‘picking’, the following process ‘storage’ is vital too… that shows how you value the effort you put in making these vegetable grow…

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