Week 29 – Year 2 (Potato Feast)

24th August – 31st August 2009

Decided to dig out all the main crops potatoes and prepare the ground for next planting season…

Potato Galore

It was absolutely fun and hilarious wonderful to dig and harvesting the potatoes from the ground. I have my spuds and they are alright, reasonably in size and good texture for my cooking up a Potato Feast….

Potato Feast

Here is my last pick of my main crop potatoes…. not bad for my second trial this year….

vegetplotlot spuds

I couldn’t help to take a peek on how others doing with their spuds growing and what a good found…..

Mike spuds

Bill & Rose's spuds


So I have a good pick this week, lots of spuds now store in stacks in my garage, and the rest are Runner Beans, Beetroot, Sweetcorns…..



I have noticed that my first trial of Chilli which I sowed from seeds are fruiting and have lots of promises….


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Week 28 – Year 2 (Pumpkins & Spaghetti Squashes)

17rh August – 23rd August 2009

Noticed both my Pumpkins and Spaghetti Squashes are showing, if we have some sunny spell to help them maturing in the near future…. I shall be very happy have some Pumpkins and Spaghetti Squashes to present….

Pumpkins & Spaghetti Squashes

Here are some glimpses of my both beauty…


Spaghetti Squashes

Mooli Radish

The third week of my Mooli Radish, noticed I used some of my Tansy plants flowers laid along both side of the Mooli… a myth of Tansy plant that said can ward off pests this way ???…. just for trial…


Strawberry Plants

I have to move the Strawberry plants from Bed 7 to Bed 5, as they are too crowd with other Berry plants, this marks the first year of the three year cycle of the Strawberry planting….

Stawsberry plants

Tundra Cabbage

After all the ups and here is my downs, noticed the Tundra cabbages seemed caught some sickness, outer leaves dying, and pick one up and saw that the roots have puff up with knots and lumpy, sign of clubroot?…. that means this patch of bed need sterilised and liming for the future growing… the immediate action is get all 10 Tundra out…

Tundra cabbage


This week have lots of pickings, the best bits are my Pak Choi and the Patty Pan squashes… especially the Patty Pan squashes which look so lovely and pretty…. a wonder of nature…

Harvest w28y2

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Week 27 – Year 2 (Dinosaur’s Eggs)

10th August – 16th August 2009

At last we have some dry spell… happy go down to the plot to dig for triumph….

Potato (Arron Pilot)

Finally dug out most of this year’s First Early potatoes , some of them are huge, my joke of them like Dinosaur’s egg and am very please of them.  Noted that the big one are those grown near the compost bin, they must absorbs all the goodies and triple the size…..


Mooli Radish

Sown the Mooli Radish only just last week and here they are all become young shoots… this is the nature magic…

Mooli Radish


Not from my plot but at plot 22, and it will be my trial for next year…. they are really nice looking….



Plot 24’s apple tree fulfills its promise from April and has laden its bountiful of apples….

Apple tree

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Week 26 – Year 2 (Christmas Trees?)

3rd August – 9th August 2009

The height of summer is here and the mid of my year cycle… most crops either still growing or maturing ready to pick… the best time to stay around at the allotment… as I have found out…

Christmas Trees?

I have noticed all the Bean Posts including mine at the allotment are fully covered with bean flowers and runner beans and they just look like Christmas trees loaded with trimmings….

Bean posts w26y2

Blooming at others Allotment plot

Here comes some flower power at the site….

Sunflowers w26y2

Gladiolus & Globe Artichoke

Besides flowers plants … the apple and pumpkins are catching up too…

apples & pumpkins

What about my plot….

This week I have planted in about 100 leeks and direct sowed in some Mooli Radish seeds in the ground…. continue digging out potatoes…. keeps on feeding the Chinese Cabbages and Pak Choi…. My Sweetcorns has growing fairly well although a bit squashed up with my bean post and other squashes growing together… My Three Sisters Planting trial seems working and in the future make sure space out further and use support cane for beans….

leeks w26y2

Mooli Radish

Pak Choi & C Cabbage w26y2


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