Week 22 – Year 2 (Cornwall)

4th July – 11th July 2009

Annual visit to this lovely Cornish haven of England…. always refresh our spirit after a visit there. The heat spell come and gone in a flash… though feel comfortable for the travel….

Here are some snap shots of our visit… like last year and years before… always charming to look back from the photos and noticed our new discovery of this part of England….

Cornwall1 w22y2

Cornwall2 w22y2

Cornwall 3 w22y2

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Week 21 – Year 2 (flaming & flower)

29th June – 3rd July 2009

We had a heat touch in England, ‘flaming’ June at least lived up the name given… all my fans been taken out from the loft and have a good turn on….

The heat gives out the best colour on all the flower plants and here are some I caught their best poise….

Plot Neighbour’s front row

This one is from Mike plot 11….. wild flower patch…

Mike's patch

Pat & Barry’s plot 9, a mini garden with pond feature ….

Plot 9 flowers

Mike from plot 24… looking forward for the bumper apples….

Mike's apple

Sweet Peas

My sweet Peas have a big splash of colour this year and I have picked a lot of them…..

SweetPea w21y2

speechless Sweet Peas.....

SweetPeas2  w21y2

sweetpeas   cornflowers w21y2


This is a continuing job…  really satisfactory and delightful one….

w21y2 pickings

Next week we’ll pop to Cornwall for our annual break…. chase the seagulls ….

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Week 20 – Year 2 (FF & MJ)

22nd June – 28th June 2009

Shocked to hear that actress Farrah Fawcett and singer Michael Jackson both passed away this week…. both were with my time era… sort of accompany my yesteryears… the ‘Charlie’s Angles’ and the ‘Jackson Five’….  Their achievements had given lots of people and myself great pleasures and joy… wish them both rest in peace now….

At last we have some downpours this week and ease a bit of the dry spell…. forecast a mini heat spell for the coming week…

Cabbage Tundra

At last I have planted out the 10 cabbages in the area I have harvested all the winter onions… as a rule, again covered up from the pigeons….

cabbage Tundra w20y2

Spaghetti Squashes

My SS seems settled down where they are now and in the greedy side planted couple Dwarf Beans at the corner, guess they’ll be swarm by the squashes soon…

Copy of DSC04447

Three Sisters Planting

The trial with this method of planting is taken place so far OK, I shall make them a bit roomy next year as I can see them starts a bit squashed and I can imagine when they are full grown… probably all tied up each other….

3 sisters plantins w20y2

Fruit Pie

Here is my trial to make this fruit pie from the fruits given by my friendly plot growers…. Hazel’s red currents and Fred’s gooseberries…. yum yum….

fruit pie w20y2

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Week 19 – Year 2

15th June – 21st June 2009

I said it would be busy picking from now on, and I have great fun picking all the produces and stir up feasts….


New potatoes, carrots, Pak Choi, lettuce, beetroot, Mangetouts, Peas, Rhubarb, Board Beans, onions and a box of strawberries from Ron…. Beside food for taste, there are flowers for the sight and scent for appreciation too…..

Harvest1 w19y2

Harvest 2 w19y2

sweet peas   Iris w19y2

New Plants

I have sowed some Pak Choi and Chinese cabbage seeds a week ago and have pick them into individual pots…. sowed some Dwarf Beans too…. The problems is I have to clear up some space for them in the coming weeks….

10 winter cabbages ‘Tundra’ will be planted in next week… for better or worse as they are growing really fast in my tiny pots….

Spaghetti Squashes have planted in too…. triple tripod is up for the climbing habit….

new seeds in w19y2

Tundra cabbage w19y2

w19y2 Spaghetti Squash 2


I put the name Harem because the colour of the material…. so pinky…. Mike from plot 11 gave me some of his covering material for my berries protecting them from the flying intruders and they are pigeons….. the main culprit….

Harem w19y2

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