Week 18 – Year 2

8th June – 18th June 2009


The weather allow for a new splash of paint on the shed’s door, the before and after look did make a difference…. started on the 4th of June and finished on 18th of June, took 2 weeks……

after paint w18y2

Flower Power

The scents to the head and beauty to the eyes are phenomenal at this time of the year….

Sweet Peas

sweet peas 1


poppies w18y2

I predict the next few weeks will be busy picking and cooking and eating all the produces….

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Week 17 – Year 2

1st June – 7th June 2009

What a glorious week with sunshine, feeling the heat while watering the plants….

Decided to photo the records on what each row have been taken by plants so far…. totally I have raised eight rows at my half plot of allotment and a little bit extra at the front of the shed…

So here they are:

Row 1 (Front row)

Front row w17y2

2nd Row

2nd row plants

3rd Row

3rd row w17y2

4th Row

4th Row w17y2

5th Row

5th Row w17y2

6th Row

6th Row w17y2

7th Row

7th Row w17y2

8th Row

8th Row w17y2

Extra Bit at the Front

Extra bit w17y2

Even though this is only a half plot, there are a lot of going on besides planting, the basic of looking after the soil condition for the high yield is far important…. someone said feed the earthworms and caress more often to the soil will do the trick….

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Week 16 – Year 2

25th May – 31st May 2009

The last week of May and half term of school holidays…. weather fine and sunny most of the week… we took a bike ride to Forest of Dean …

Bike ride Forest of Dean 290509

Board Beans

My second crops of Board Beans doing well, they have gained height and width and lots of baby beans….

2nd crop Board Beans w16y2

Brussels Sprouts

At last I have planted in my six Brussels Sprouts plants (last year I have 4 successful plants)…..  before I have dug in lots of manures and firming the ground, after the planting I have covered with leaves mould and nettings….. now just wait…..

Brussel Sprouts w16y2

The Front View

The front row is very cottage style, lots of different variety of plants there… Garlic, Spring Onion, Salisfy, chives, Rhubarbs, Sweet Peas, Dahlia , Lovage, Horseradish, Tansy, Shoo Fly, Gladiolus, Lemon Balm…. and I thoughts they are weeds and nearly kill them all and just in time to save all these Chard and Spinach… all in this tiny front row…..

w16y2 front view weeds or plants


My first new potato at last on my dinner plate, they are the first early one, those planted in the first of April, prefer the right size, not too big, skin can rub off… 5 minutes in the boiling water, the taste is heavenly sweet…. Besides potato, there are lots ready to pick… Board beans, Spring Onion, Lettuce… my first sweet pea too….

Potato first harvest w16y2 Harvest w16y2

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Week 15 – Year 2

18th May – 24th May 2009

A busy week at the allotment and lots of happening……

My JCB + Handy Man

After a year having the allotment we decided to repair some of the rows edges at my plot, and here comes my humanoid JCB plus handy man…. measure and saw to it….

Three sister planting

Here is the link for how to do the Three Sister planting, in fact try Google it, there are more informs of this…. here I have tried at my plot to grow the corns, beans and squashes together. this is my first trial and my version of it, so watch this tiny space…..

2 & 3 sisters planting

Highlights of the week

Board beans

The early sown over the winter ones are fruiting nicely and looking forward to have some to taste next week.  The second crops are catching up and they are taller and start having baby beans… By the way I have pinched most of the tops of the board beans plants in my stir fry dinner, they are the most delicacy, the best of all green veggie…..

w15y2 board beans

Jerusalem Artichoke

I have left some Jerusalem Artichoke roots from last year’s harvest in the ground, and I have dug in lots of goodies in the area in late winter, and here they are…. the back to live of “gold dust”.

w15y2 Jerusalem Artichoke

Peas & Mangetouts

I saw that there are flower buds and flowers in my Early peas and Mangetouts plants and they are taller than my supported cages, that means I shall have the peas feast soon….. some said that when the peas are ready to pick, is the time to harvest the first early of potatoes too…

peas & mangetouts


Loads of potato flower buds and some starts blooming too….

potato flowers

Summer Cabbage

After the success of the “Spring Hero”, I decided to go for the summer variety “Winnigstat” at this time of the year and hope for some good eating later on…..

w15y2 summer cabbage

Salad leaves & Lettuce

Among all the cabbage, beans, peas and potatoes, here comes the salad leaves of Pak Choi, Lettuce, Mizuna leaves… they are yummy…

w15y2 salad leaves

Spring Onion

After the taste of the home grown spring onion, this is a must to repeat growing, so I get another pack of spring onion seeds and sow them in between rows of veggie…

w15y2 spring onion


I could not waste all the effort to grow all these veggie, they are have to be appreciated by putting into the dinner plate to achieve their highest honour…..

w15y2 harvest

Next week is half term holiday, busy time suppose ….

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