Week 10 – Year 2

13th April – 19th April 2009

Suppose raining most of the week, but the rain cloud must have slip 1 degree further away and we have dry sunny beautiful Spring days for the week….

Lots of activities at the plot… transplanting, JCB project, seeds sowing and harvesting…. and some highlight of the season….


Sowed some more seeds and they are runner beans, climbing beans and mousy squashes, I soaked them overnight before sowed in pots later replant them at the plot…


New Plants to the plot

Put some flower plants at strategic areas where companion planting flourish… David from plot 23B gave me some of his germinated onion seedlings and I have popped them in the plot…. during the week I have planted in my germinated Lettuce, Salad Rockets and beetroot… also planted in the main crops potatoes Desiree…..

new plants 2 new plants 3

new plants 1

Harvest – Radish

Well, my best harvest at this time is Radish, they look so pretty like Ruby jewel on the ground, and the new season always taste better…. young, crunchy, fresh, sweet and lush….

radish w10y2

Projects – Painting & Patio

During the holidays both my favourite handy men (JCB) started paving a small patio in front of my wooden sheds plus put a coat of paint to the shed…. aren’t they deserve well fed?!….



Highlights – Slow worms, Apple Blossom, Hoops Pipe and Bees

There are lots of highlights when new season just began and different activates and happening at the allotment…. such as Slow worms are stirring around after hyphenated from the winter months…. thank you Bill keeping the compost bin nice and warm special for the slow worms…

slow worm w10y2

Bees are busy doing their pollinating job….


The blooming of the apple tree is a delightful view for all….

apple blossoms

Lots of Hoops Pipe erected around at the allotment, a genius idea for keeping the berries for human consume instead of birdies…..


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Week 9 – Year 2 Easter

6th April – 12th April 2009 Easter Week

A week fit for the occasion, rain and windy days and nights…. during rainy days best work on blog posts……

A short week for me, as I do celebrate this festival with church services, family gathering, I love festival especially here in UK there are not many festivals to celebrate or for any occasion to have fun and joy, for me I love festival for yummy good food preparation….

Pick up some home grown double petal daffodils for decor, these daffodils has good scent and nice for the season…

Easter daffodlis

Lots of rhubarbs harvested, making rhubarbs apple pudding, rhubarb crumble and try the rhubarb current apple cake too, the latest recipe come from the vine line is to chopped some ginger while cooking the rhubarb…. since rhubarb is very popular growing in allotment sure I shall looking out to try new recipe in the coming days….

Rhubarb harvest

Next week while the gang is here I would like they help in to do some handy job for the patio paving at the allotment, watch this space….

Forecast the weather next week is wet and cloudy….

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Week 8 – Year 2

29th March – 5th April 2009

This week we have not much rain here as expected instead mostly sunny fine days with chilly nights, no frost too, some said this Spring has arrived 9 days earlier than usual….

Potatoes: first early

After reading the informs of the moon calendar, I have sown my first early potatoes on the 1st of April, they are Lady Crystal, Swift, Accent and Aaron Pilot, even put some in 2 grow bags too….

moon calendar 010409


Early Peas & Mangetouts

Have transplant all the peas which I have prepared from the green house to the plot, I have collect some twigs and here they are, two giant bird nest….


Harvest: leeks & cabbage

Manage to get some harvest from the leeks which left behind from last season, took out all the Stonehead and purple cabbages which I bought from Henleaze Garden shop as young plants last year, I found that they were not perform as good as home sow seeds, so a lesson learnt…..


Chicken & Crows

Recently one of the plotter have started rear chicken at the plot, they look a bit skinny at the moment, we plotters have different opinions on this move and mostly thought that the fox will have a good feast on them, well watch this space….

The different kind of freedom wings are the Crows, they are really thriving at the allotment and compare with the caged chicken they seem happier to waddle about, though they are not guarantee with feed like the chicken, there are plenty to look for….

chicken & crows

Project: tea leave mix

Another new project is to collect used tea bags, as the whole family is tea drinker we have lots of tea leaves leftover, I normally dumped them in the compost heaps, and I now actually mix them up with some topsoil scatter on top of the planting area, act as a blanket, this is a trial and watch this space too….

tea leaves mix

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Week 7 – Year 2

23rd March – 29th March 2009

The week started with a change of sunny spring warm weather to a more like showery April, unstable with odd showers and a bit turn back to late wintry……

To start with the week I have upgrade the pot sizes of all the chilies and shoo flies plants at the greenhouse …..


Transplant some Lovage to home front and found that it is good for the plant to break up to replant after a few year at the same spot…..



The Rhubarbs plants are looking good and promising, will have my first pick soon….

rhubarbs w7y2

Board Bean

The 2 patch of Board Beans are all different in the look, the patch sown in early October last year been doing very well and even have flowers now.  The other patch sown in mid November was not that good, most of the seeds has not germinated well, the conclusion is the wet Autumn last year affected the vital moment.  The lesson learnt from this is to sown the Board Beans either in October or late March.  I have sown the second batch in those cardboard tissue rolls at the greenhouse in February time and gradually climatise in the cold frame then plant into the patch….

Board beans w7y2


The next proud achievement is all my Spring Hero cabbages, they are doing fine and making a good show and the taste are most deliciously yummy….

Spring Hero

New Plants : Carrots, Parsnips and Salisfy

Seeds and plants has been sown and planted during the week, Bernard has sown 3 rows of Carrots, I have planted in Parsnips and Salisfy which both are germinated and climatise in the cold frame first and now planted into the plot….

new plants


Wala the harvest at the plot always gave a fantastic feel, cabbages and the Swiss Chard are really tasty, so earthy and fresh, better than those vitamin pills …..

harvest cabbages

Project: old spade

This is a genius project, a great tip from Bill, to recycle an old old spade, saw it into 2 half, the spade part concreted at the edge becomes soil boots scraper, and the handle becomes a tool to help in planting leeks, potatoes and bulb plants….. this is a marvelous idea.

spade afterlife

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