Week 6 – Year 2

16th March – 22nd March 2009

What a sunny warm spring feel week we had, sunny with lots of blue sky, not bad to start with the second half of March.  Lot of activities at the plot and the cultivator’s tone up the first season’s concerto…….

Plot 7’s plotter has moved in 2 chickens with cages constructed at the far end of the plot, all of us just hope this is a wise move and if not the fox will have a supreme good feast…. photos to follow…..

Seeds Galore

Lots of seeds has germinated and they looks fine but still I have to wait for the right moment to plant them in the plot…. timing is vital as said.

seeds 1

seeds 2


At last I have erect 2 more posts at the berries corner, so my blackberries, raspberries plants will have sturdy support and hope that I shall have some good berries later in the year…. plus I have put about 10 strawberry plants in between…. really hope to make some strawberry ice cream in the summer….

project posts

Sweet Peas

The sweet peas that I have sown in those recycled toilet rolls last year November time has stood up the severe winter well and been at the cold frame for awhile, now is the time to grow at my plot, here they are……

sweet peas w6y2


My JCB has been busy helping in the plot, since we have only half plot, the machine cultivator is not necessary and mainly on the manual power.  So my manual power is my personal humanoid JCB……..

JCB @ w6y2

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Week 5 – Year 2

9th March -15th March 2009

Just planting more seeds at home, tidy up and have the lawn mower did the first job this year…

The two rhubarb plants growing happily in the pots at my home front…. they are a trial and hope it will produce good tasty rhubarb this summer…..


Renew some recycled flying objects and this time made it sturdy…. with strong tape heated by hair dryer to stick it tight, this is an improvement for strong wind but have to test for gale force wind …..

recycled bottles

Spring feel is everywhere and here is some of the splash at the home front…


The weather forecast for the coming week is beautiful sunny and dry, I expect lots of activities at the allotment….

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Week 4 – Year 2

2nd March – 8th March 2009


Lots of sowing at greenhouse, seeds galore at this time of the year…..

week4year2 seeds galore1

week4year2 seeeds galore2

Soil / Ground

Look after the ground and soil is half way successful for all plants grown…. a tip I guess everyone know about it.  Here is my practice on this…..

soil improvment w4y2

JCB @ work

Another clip of my favourite JCB … helps in to rebuild the pathway, as it was a slope form to make it to be a proper step and here it is …..

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week 3 – Year 2

23th February – 1st March 2009

Weather forecast is good for the week, fine day with slight breeze, temperatures around 7-11….

Sowed some parsnip near the edge of the berries rows, forget to take a picture record……

Later the week sowed some radish at the front row and remembered took the picture……

My JCB has turn over all the rows and they are looking great….

Use the wormery juice and comfrey juice to my cabbage and board beans plants..

Collect some ‘three cornered leeks’ from Ron’s plot to grow around home area….

Harvest some leeks from my plot to make ‘potato leek soup’, it was delicious…..

Spread all the chives around… plotting 2 rhubarbs plants at home front…

Here are some picture records….

radish w3y2

leek harvest w3y2

ruhbards w3y2

general view w3y2

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