Week 2-Year 2

16th February – 22nd February 2009

The weather turn from snow cold to a touch of spring feel, there has a get up and do something urge. Decided to get the home front garden tidy up as much as I can……, trim the dead branches, collect all the derbies after the severe weather…..

The seeds of the Marigold, Cornflowers and Shoo Fly plants has germinated and took me sometime to get them in individual pots…….

Erect the plastic cold frame and put the winter sowed sweet peas there…..


Popped down to the plot, noticed that the fox still looking fine….

Fox on plot w2y2

Brussels Sprouts

My four Brussels sprouts did a wonderful job for my plot and my dinner plates, we had enjoyed the great taste and have a successful growing time with my 4 plants.  I shall double the growth and hope double the yields next time…

brussels sprouts w2y2


Well done with my favourite JCB and he did a wonderful manly work on the area that he can do well…. the rake and dig….

JCB w2y2

and we can see how nice the rows now looking neat and tidy and is now we have to patiently wait for the right warm moment to sow the seeds…..timing is vital….

Ground force w2y2

Recycle plastic bottles

What a sight with all the plastic bottle planes flying around at the plot…..

recycle bottles w2y2

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Week 1-Year 2

9th February – 15th February 2009

Like a wink of the eye, here I am into the second year of my allotment project.  The last year was great and had a great time at the allotment.  The experiences were wonderful and it kicks off the challenge spirit for this coming year… my mistakes will probably still carry on (wrong plants in wrong time or wrong site etc.) but I believed it will rectify in time. I am looking forward for another exciting year, in thinking about it, just can’t wait to prepare this year’s plan of planting……..

snow signs

The allotment looks a lot different this time when I took over last year, although the snow still appear around the plots, the strong plants life still standing upright….. my plot still have garlic, spring onion, Japanese winter onions, leeks, board beans, Swedes, ‘Spring Hero’ cabbages and purple cabbages, strawberries, raspberries and blackberries plants, they have stand through the winter months.  Have my winter harvest every so often and the Brussels sprouts been very welcome in my dinner plates.

Feb 2009 harvest

New toy? New gadget?

Well this is something to pass time and recycle all these objects, they give some movements when there is a breeze, suppose to scare off pigeons….

recycle plastic bottles

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Week 52 (Final week First year)

2nd February – 8th February 2009

Happy Birthweek to my first year of my vegetable allotment plot blog.  What a great year I had, loads of excitement and that is by planting all kinds of vegetation, not all of them success and this is the rule not being success, that kick off the challenge spirit to try again…… the other fun bit is to observe the plants growing beauty, to taste the nature output….. what a wonder.

We have a severe cold snow fall in this part of England, the photos I took on the day was just started the snowfall so it was not thick but the few days after was a chaos to the country.  We have made snowman, snow fights and all fun with the snowfall and put a blind eye to the mess it caused……

week 52 snow @ allotment 1

week 52 snow @ allotment 2

week 52 snow @ allotment 3

The forecast for this snowy weather will properly carry on till next week, I’ll just leave the allotment to its dormant stage for a while.  During next week I may use the time to check out all the seeds for the coming growing seasons.

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    26th January – 1st February 2009

    What a great week to start with….the year of OX …. and according to this year sign figure that is to work hard to achieve the award……i.e. back to basic…. ox plough the field and get the soil ready for all things to grow.  A lot to learn, to work and no more dally nelly otherwise nothing will gain is my this year’s motto….

    Another gift from Catherine that trickle me to make a piece of words……

    wind charm A flying dragon wind charm… charmed with nine rolling beads.….

    With the North wind stir, the first bead ‘great peace’ starts to charm ……

    The North East wind shoves the second bead ‘harmony’ to charm too…..

    The East wind makes sure the third bead to charm ‘good health’ to you and you and you all…..

    The South East wind let go the fourth bead charming ‘happiness’ to us all….

    The South wind breeze in the fifth bead with ‘hope’ to charm……

    The South West wind blowing the sixth bead charming ‘good fortunes’……

    The West wind ruffle up the seventh bead to charm ‘Pleasures’ around……

    The North West wind flusters the eighth bead ‘Good Luck’ the biggest charm….

    Here comes the Earth wind which is everywhere and nudging the ninth bead …. charming ‘Love Love Love’ all the time ……

    Most of all thank you the one who gives me this lovely gift….

    I for sure will share these nine beads with you…..

    Puff the flying dragon with the nine beads charming to your way…..

    Talking about the year sign, last year was year of RAT, it seems very true that our money market has been stolen by all those ratty persons…. and the rat even has a fling to my little allotment compost bin, need to shove it away…

    week 51 rat hole



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    Week 50

    19th January – 25th January 2009

    Popped down to the allotment to cover the newly planted winter lettuce with fleece, just in case the weather turn to extremely icy cold……..


    I have got all the seed potatoes in trays for the chitting process….put in some flower seeds for germinating too…. viola, shoo fly, marigold…….


    Got some gift vouches from dear friend and got myself some more seed potatoes and some bits and pieces for this allotmenting activities, although they are not pretty in sight as pressie suppose to be, they are fantastic ….  they are great pressie to me…. thankyou Catherine.


    Next week we shall have the Chinese New Year celebration, probably another week spend in the kitchen to stir up something to feast about…….

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