Week 49

12th January – 18th January 2009

Have defrost a bit and the weather steady up to the positive figure…..

Popped down to the plot for a few time during the week, discovered that the Board Bean seeds that I have sown at Week 40 has germinated…. this is a good sign for a start of the year….

Garlics are growing fine and so does the leeks……….

I have another great start of the year and that is having a great pick of the week….. swedes, carrots and cabbage from my plot and parsnip and onions from plot 12……

I have clear up some space at my front row and planted in some winter lettuce and obviously have to set up the protecting mode to prevent those flying objects attacking the young plants……

Couldn’t help to cook the parsnip to see what give the taste and the verdict is absolutely in the highest score the top mark in taste, sure to grow some in the future, please do check it out here at Vegetplotlot Feast.

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Week 48

5th January – 11th January 2009

Cold, frosty and even go down to -6ºC  in one night…. mind that it is the first part of the winter season and who know this winter will step up or down..

Popped down to the allotment to see the frosty view and what a sight of it………..


During the week went up to the B&Q and found they are already started selling the potatoes seeds, and the bargain is 2 x 2.5kg bags for £5, and I have bought myself 2 x Arran Pilot, 1 x Desiree and 1 x Charlotte.  I have already put them all in empty egg cases and started the chitting process……

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Week 46 & 47 Christmas 2008 & New Year 2009

22nd December 2008  – 4th January 2009

Christmas week ~~~ cloudy with drizzle of rain and the temperature is around 11ºC and 12ºC but the cold did arrive on the Christmas Eve and back to single figure temperature… and the frosty bitterly cold is still going through the New Year ~ week 47.

My wish list for the Santa this year was a wormery composter, but at the last minute I have changed for a laptop computer….. the high tech just won over tbis time ….. the wormery composter have to wait for another occasion.

Remember the Comfrey plants that I bought from mail order at week 14, I have planted them at the front yard near home, they have boosting into life and in full flourish in summer, during the growing season I have collected the leaves and made bottles of comfrey liquid… they are one of the best fertilizer for growing plants.

During the festival weeks, we have a full house and as long as food prepared…. everybody happy.   I have use the mini pumpkin to made soup which is wonderful to have during this cold spell, ….. popped down to the allotment a few time, mainly disposed the vegetable peelings to the compost bins (which we have a lot of peelings of potatoes, parsnip, carrots and all sort of greens left over)…. collect some Brussels sprouts to show off on the Christmas table …. picked some Mizuna leaves for the salad starter …. picked some cress salad leaves for Turkey sandwich meals….  Noted that the garlic plants seems growing fine in this frosty weather, the board beans and cabbages are OK too.

When the weather is too cold to venture out to the allotment, the next best thing is to do some preparation for the coming Spring such as sorting out seeds …. make out some recipe to plan for what to plant in coming Spring….. that is easy to think about….. as for myself  most of the time I was getting familiar with my Christmas present……

My first year allotmenting journals shall come to end in week 52 around the first week in February 2009.  It will be a full year since I have started on the 8th Februay 2008.  Obviously I shall continue to allotmenting and definately there are more new venues to be explored, and another gismo is about this blogging and probably get it to develope more mature (don’t know what yet and we shall see)…..

Here are some highlights photoes of these two weeks…….

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