Week 45

15th December – 21 December 2008

The first cold nip has retreat a bit, probably affected by the heat up approaching of coming Christmasy……
Wola as usual send off all the Christmas greetings to friends and family,  it is a kind of traditional and it seems the time to keep in touch with friends and family……

Next is the decoration the hall and all, I recognised  this is a pre Spring clean agenda…. while putting the trimmings and lightnings I noted down the area that has been elect during the past summer and places to clean or redecoration required in the coming Spring….

Follow up is to store up for the forthcoming banquet …. I have been to the allotment, dug up some more Jerusalem Artichokes, they are really sweet and tasty…. kept some small nodule of the artichoke in the ground and they will regrow next year and that is so simple to grow ……

Everything looks fine at the plot and I have decided to pick some Mizuna Leaves and cress next week before the feast day, and use them as salad for my starter….



On the way out just can’t help to note that Bill’s Brussels Sprouts and they are such big and fat and the amazing wonder is he grow them at the same area year after year and without fail the outcome is always  top mark ……


The forecast for the Christmas is cold and frosty and no sign of snow in this part of the country, the south west.  I wish you all have a Happy Christmas and despite all the ups and downs of the 2008 and lets have a Wonderful Peaceful New Year.


Week 44

8th December – 14th December 2008

We have a cold start of the week, frosty but no sign of snow, single figure of the temperature (in Celsius).  It is about time to do some Christmas preparation ………

Katherine, my sister asked what can be grown during wintry weather, for me to give an answer is a wonder….. I am still a new hand in this vegetable growing field, for the inform of other growers I learnt that there are many type of vegetable can be grown in tough weather and ways to keep things growing whatever situation…..

In my plot I have winter cabbages, Brussels sprouts, swedes, board beans, Swiss chard, Mizuna leaves,  garlic, onions, spring onions, leeks and even Jerusalem artichoke…..

Even though cold winter there are still jobs to do to keep things going,  just like eating and sleeping, the walk to the allotment is kind of exercise for me, and while I am there ……first thing to do is to keep the compost bin filled in all my vegetables peelings….. trim the pathway….. talk to my growing plants there to make sure they are happy….the leeks and the Brussels sprouts are doing fine this week and here they are:



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Week 43

1st December – 7th December 2008

The first week of last month of this year, forcasting cold frosty at the end of this week, pop down couples time to the plot do some picking of sprouts and carrots……

Have never seen this before…… funny-carrot2

Highlights of this week

Did some more pickings beside the funny look carrot, B always said that home grown carrots are sweeter than the shop bought one ….. dug up the biggest minicol cabbage, picked some brussel sprouts and there are more growing from my four brussel plants.  I have noticed the garlic bulbs which I have sowed couple weeks ago have shooted up to brave the cold weather …..well done garlic.  While I was at the plot I was being entertained by a clever fox, he was getting sun bathing one minute and the next  jumped up to the thicket of a tree after the pigeons and magpies for his tea…. obviously the fox has missed a pair of wings…..



Week 42

24th November – 30th November 2008

The last week of November and the next day started the last month of this year, time really flying fast.  I had this bomb shock news from my neighbour friend that really spoil my whole week and the news has been the top topic of this week.  She and her husband’s 47 years marriage has come to separate situation, they had 2 married daughters and 4 grandsons.  I was really shocked when she told me that she is moving out to live in shelter home, because to me and to us;  all around the neighbourhood, they appeared a lovely couple, the senior modal of success marriage.  But and when there is a but coming up it definitely a bad sign ……. I had experienced shock, sad, annoying and anger emotions since this bombshell dropped in…… I do believe every door closed the business behind is closed too untill it get too big and exposed…..and another true is no body knows whats happening behind closed door, because there was not a sign that this couple is in trouble, deep trouble…..

I went down to the allotment mainly weedlings, grass cutting, the walk to and fro keeps myself calm, the air clear my muddle thinking .    While I am not happy;  kneading of dough was really soothing and here I have made some fried and soupy dumplings for tea….

The record so far is my sweet peas are now 4 inches tall in the growing pots at my green house, winter lettuce in the seed pots thriving well at my conservatory.