Week 37

20th October – 26th October 2008

My niece came to stay for this 2 weeks, show her lots of informs about allotmenting while she following me to the plot.  I hope she will get some interest about this nature sightseeing than the Cabot Circus……

Highlight of this week

At last I have pulled down and collect all my spaghetti squashes, not too bad as I have got totally six large squashes, 4 medium sizes and half dozen small sizes from 2 seeds that I pot them in April this year.  Now I have got the plant to put to composting, the best way of recycling…….

Plot 11 Mike gave me a pumpkin and I have quite a few collection of the squashes and pumpkin this year….pie, cake, soup and a few for roast is in order for the coming glooming cold winter…..

My brussel spouts still standing fine and already have a few for sup the other day, really yummy…..

The rest of plants still growing and I think when the frost come next week, I shall get all the sweet corn down ….. collect the corn hair and use the corn for soup ingredients…….


Week 36

13th October – 19th October 200

Nice weather this week…. Gordon Brown showed some signs of pulling the slump of recent financial downfalls…wait and see then…..

Prefer to the allotment, if really I have a disaster of bad spell on the plants I just have to regrow them in other time with another way or even go for other variety….

Highlights of this week

A Happy Grower

This week we have our happy Mike who is happy for what he grow…..big sweet parsnips and juicy carrots….love to see all these wonderful produces and the happy grower too.

Crops of this week

At this pleasent weather all the existing crops at the plots seem catching up the growth, here are some of them…..


This week my dear and wonderful JCB always handy to help in doing the donkey work….dig and turn over the soil….love this humanoid machinery dearly……

Produces & New plants

Obviously this is the time to pick as much as you can, and at the same time I have sow in some seeds at home, winter lattuce, more cabbages and sweet peas ……


Composts keep on filling into the trench and even created a mini hole to fill in more composts for the soil….

We have two consecutive pleasent weeks so far, full of anxious to see how the change of weather affecting the growth with all the veggies, lots of to learn about this…..

Week 35

6th – 12th October 2008

News of the stock market really gloomy, like avalanche or afterwards of a tsunami…..expect will last for sometime, probably the next few years…..(Bible said having seven years good harvest, follow by seven years draught)……I think it is time to back to basic….do some caring around us…people and nature….

We had beautiful sunny days this week to compensate the bad news….spent most days at the plot, keep filling my compost heaps, did some picking too; the highlight of this week is the Spaghetti Squashes. At the same time planted out some boardbeans, strawberry plants and put in couple sprouted potatoes into the grow bag and cross my fingers plus a prayer and hope they grow for the coming Christmas…..having fun at the plot….

The weather forecast for next week is not too bad, still carrying on sunny spell and may be an odd shower…..

Week 34

29th September -5th October 2008

Fantastic to use this new computing system, mind you it is all learning and improving at the same time, it requires mostly is patience and at the end is patience win it all.

The allotment becomes my relaxing field, pop in and out most of the days in this week, dug up the second half compost trench, picking what is available and such as carrots, parsnips, chinese cabbages, beetroot and thanks for the other plotter for the butternut squash and cheery tomatoes, the cooking of Chinese cabbages  really satisfactory….boil, fry and chop them small mix in the wontons …..yum yum, a must for next year.

Pauline’s pumpkins really growing attactive big and have different variety too, I think I shall try it next year, and join in the pumpkin growing group…..

Highlights of this week

The weather forecast for next week is brilliant fine, so I shall looking forward spend some time at the allotment to catch some sunshine vitamin….