Week 33

22nd – 28th September 2008

Nearly the end of the month, we definately not have any seriously heatwave this year, and to my memory I have not use the fans that I had prepared when supposed summer started in June….. but I like this cool weather instead the furious heat hot summer….. Well this week the sun is out beautifully during the day and the best place to go, of course the allotment …. to tend my plants and soil ….

Highlights of this week

This is the first time use the gallery to upload the above photos, it seems quicker to use this way, but I shall use all the captions and photo magic to describe the link of these photoes.  More learning and….

Next week is excited and fun as dual core motherboard, window vista and new kits are bought to upgrade the computing system, plenty of anxiety to chew on…….


Week 32

15th – 21st September 2008

The best way to get rid of a cold ….. besides resting, the next best way is to get up to go to the allotment, being there can ease the cold symptom as breathing in fresh air can help the congested sinus….. that is what I did this week …..

Highlight of this week


Thanks for the JCB, he helped to dig in all the compost into ground and hope for the best for the next period of grow …. Also I have rearrange the layout of all the compost bins that I have, 4 of them now locate at the end of 4 rows, and rotate them in next year….think this should be good plan…

Plants @ the plot

The plants in this week generally growing fine, PakChoi, Kohlrabi, Chinese Leaves Rocket, Spaghetti Squashes, Sweetcorns and flower plants are looking OK, except ….. Leeks are attacked by leeks moths and I was suggested to squeeze some diluted Jeys fluid and hope the leeks will survive in the next few weeks….an eye now on you…..LEEKS

New Plants of the week

Swedes and Mizuna Leaves salad are put in this week…

Produce of this week

Harvest the mini pumpkin and suppose to take for the Church fate, but I have kept it for tasting first before posion others…..The cucumber and figs are from home garden, the rain does help to produce all these sweet figs and fat cucumbers ……

Bits and Pieces

I have cut the bottom stalk of all the French Runner Beans as they are nearly finished and it can quicken to dry up some beans for next year seeds (a trick told by Shirley from plot 12).

The mooli was not very good this year, it must be growing in some undug ground, the root is not deep enough to produce juicy root….I shall try next year…

The forecast for the coming week is sunny dry, is that mean time for autumn cultivation…….

Week 31

8th – 14th September 2008

Another miserable week on the weather side, wet wet wet, even get me under the weather, had got a slight damp chill …… may so get a rest to get it over.  Still the walk to the allotment raise my spirit because there are plants growing there, they are small and simple but beautiful ….

Highlights of this week

Dashed in between the rain I managed to get some plants in….

New plants


The radish has germinated within a week’s time, it must be the moist in the air…..


Got a glimpse of my sunflower on top of roof, how come they grow that tall ………

Produce of this week

Decided to collect all the sweetcorns and keep on picking all the mature vegetables, all delicious in taste too ……

Looking forward for a better next week, but the forcast is still not stable, well I just have to dash in and out again ……

Week 30

1st – 7th  September 2008

What a wash out week, more than 60 flood warnings in this country during the week and you can imagine how wet situation we are having…… miserable also for the people like me who love the gardening…….

At least I manage to dash in and out of the rain to the allotment to get some photos and get some work done …

Highlights of this week

General View



Runner Bean Posts


The rain seems not going away for awhile as the coming week still wet and gloomy, we definately had a washout summer.  Plot 6 & 7 had announced never grow tomato outside as blight had attacked and all ruined.  It seemed blight occured in continued wet period.

Week 29

25 Aug – 31 Aug 2008

The last week of August, my family from Hong Kong continued their enjoyable visit here.  They had a great time last week, besides visiting my plot, tour around Wales, Peak District, especially the Shakespeare county and this week they planned to visit both of this country’s top persons’ lodgings…..the Queen and the Prime Minister’s….then shop till drop at London and that is to buy and shop the whole England home ….. their wishes …..

Highlights of this week


Mum is having fun at my allotment especially the action of picking and harvesting, we had a bucketful of potatoes and load of cherry green tomatoes…….

JCB back in action

After harvesting all the potatoes, thanks for the JCB have the ground dug over and wait for composting to fill in a few days later ……….(for someone don’t know what is a JCB feel free toclick on the link)

Week 29 plants

Here are some highlights on the plants around the plots, the front view…. Pak Choi starts appear to grow ….. the 2nd crop of sweetcorn and the cabbage January King taking up paces too …..

Spaghetti Squashes

They are pumping up inside the column, at least three biggie and two babies ……….

Bee plants

This bee plants was transplant from home, and I still looking for the right name for it ….. they are fantastic attracting hundreds of bees which are mates for all vegetables and plants…..

Produces of this week

There are so many beans and mange touts, they are growing faster than our consume, sweet corns are ready to harvest, the giant courgette is ready to pick for next week church festival …….

Bits and Pieces

Apple Tree

This is from plot 24, really a gem at our allotment site……..

Slow Worms

Bill showed me the slow worms @ his compost pile, they are fantastic healthy and lovely, well done Bill……..


The shed stood fine at my plot…. really pleased with the move ………..