Week 24

19 July – 27 July 2008

Just a few days away from the plot and what amazing to see all the plants taking up paces in growing……

Highlight of this week

Flower plants

Vegetable plants


Produces of the week

This week really a bumper harvest, there are so many to choose to put into the pots, the chef has no problem to whiz up any meals but where can she find the time to do it as she is busy picking at the plot…..

Sweet Peas

This is really a sweet sight with this lovely plant, they are just keep on producing these lovely scented dinky petals……..

New plants

The young sweetcorn seedlings was kept at plot 6’s cold frame while I am away, so the first thing when I am back is to put them into ground.  As Hazel was going to discard all her French dwarf beans and leeks seedlings, I rescued them and put them into my plot.  Also I have to transplant the marigold plants to new ground as the old sweet corns need space.  The butternut squash which grow in pot at home has move to the plot so it can spread its wings……..

New additions

It is a long story from how I got this two compost bins, cut it short and that is from John’s old plot.  They are quite sturdy and will put into good purpose use in the future…….

Bits & Pieces

As the allotment now becomes my daily business, there are so many to take notes on as nature is playing magic all the time, one minute the ground is bare and barren and suddenly it shoot out the most amazing things, just browse on……….

Apple Tree & Poppy

My neighbour plotter’s apple tree looks really strong and healthy and there are so many apples probably can feed for the whole year.  This lovely poppy suddenly coming up from Pat’s plot looks very pretty…….

Slow worm

Still keep an eye on Bill’s slow worms, and since Bill now leave the compost tip alone for the slow worms, aren’t they lucky living in this 5*+ hotel……


Week 23

11 July – 18 July 2008

The ‘Riverside Retreat’ @ Malpas, Truro is our holiday staying place this time, very peaceful area with river Fal flowing along, beautiful greenery around and especially all the wild lives captured by my binoculars…..herons, swallows, eagles and many more…… Here are some of the prints that I capture this holiday breaks….


Riverside Retreat

Truro Cathedral

We went to visit the famous Truro Cathedral, it is really worth for the most, as it is really awesome, impressive and beautiful…… I can’t take all these picture as the experts did, so check this out, Truro Cathedral and there are many more beautiful photos…..

When we left the Cathedral, there we noticed the vibrate voice sounding outside and that was from……..

Crantock Beach

It seems this is our favourite beach all these years down south, so far we have left years of our foot prints and leg hair……..

We did have a brief break this time, caught a bit of sun, breathe in lots of sea air, have a dip into the sea water, see a few wildlife there, visit some impressive places, enjoy the good food there too… real Cornish pasties and sea food…. yum yum.

Week 22

7 July – 10 July 2008

A short week to dash around in the allotment as family call for a break to Cornwall the following week.  When it said a week, that means add a couple days to prepare (packing and lock up) before the away saga and a couple days after to reset (cleaning and ironing) back to routine…… what a bumper……somehow I do consider the allotment is my real holiday dent…..

Highlights of this week

Here are some of the highlights of this week……

I have tried weedling most of the time in this week but I do bet they will shoot back up while I am away…….

Week 21

30 June – 6 July 2008

Now I found another meaning of “make hay while the sun shines”, every plants seems growing fast and the  speed rate of seeds germinating also fast too, and of course weeds too.  Here are some highlights of this week, so busy that nearly forget to record all the coming and going…..

Highlights of this week


Oriental Salad Leaves


Bought from John plot 18 all these plastic plant protectors, just in time for my left over swedes from attacks by piegons or some other flying ailens ….

JCB & HandyMan BIA

Here are my JCB and HandyMan back in action to help along……

New Plants of this week

Keep on planting, the continuing produce is one of allotmenting fun…..

Wild Rockets

French Dwarf Beans

Chinese Cabbage WongBok

Bits & Pieces


I shall grow lettuces like this in the future, they are really delicious fresh …….

Slow Worms

Pay another visit to Bill’s compost bin and have a wonderful found and here they are….. healthy and prosperous….

Week 20

23 June – 30 June 2008

Front View

The last week of June and here I came to week 20 of my allotmenting, so far so good, enjoying every moment working out there. Here is the front view I promised to post up this week…..

Plants List

Doing a bit of calculation of how many plants I have within this 127 square yards, and this is the list so far….

Highlights of this week

Every plants are growing fine, especially the runner beans and the spaghetti squashes……..

Runner Beans

Spaghetti Squashes

JCB+HandyMan BIA (back in action)


The produces from the allotment are now constantly making progress,,,,,,bountiful …..deliciously yummy…

New plants of this week

Here are some newly plants into the plot……

Bits & Pieces


Thank goodness not in my plot, this happened at plot 10, all cabbages stripped off by pigeons…….. so netting is vital to protect all your hard work…..