Week 19

16 June – 22 June 2008

Front View

Here are some of our delicate allotment plotters, their efforts to put their plot front so beautiful, all credits to them that we have the secret garden…….

My plot is not too bad, here is one taken from the back looking toward the front, next week I shall take a front view of my plot……..

Highlight of this week


Sweet Peas

Mini Pumpkins


“Harvesting” sounds great and a lot of fun too, the produces are absolutely satisfactory…..

New Plants of the week

Produces of the week

All these produces are yummy, feast on green that grown under sun and rain and lots of TLC are wonderful.


Week 18

9 June -15 June 2008

Have dug up couple rows of the Arran Pilot (first early) potatoes, really satisfied the outcome, and looking forward for more digging for gold action in the coming weeks.

Highlight of the week


This old recycling method to reuse all the empty plastic bottles and pots are now practising at my allotment plots, the concentrate way to feed and water all the vegetables….

Flowers Power

New plants in the plot

Cerleric and Mooli are in the plot this week …..

Plants ready for harvesting

Lettuce from around week 13, Pak Choi from week 15 and the Board Beans are from week 8, all look ready for the picking…

Produces of the week

Bits & Pieces


This pinky fruit cage really attracting my attention, I imaged they are like harem keeping all the lovely berries under guards from greedy pigeons….

Slow worms

Bill from plot 20 show me his treasures in his compost bin, isn’t it fantastic, this time it was shy away so quick that I only catch half of it from my camera, well wait for next time then……watch this space……as tadpoles gone and here come slow worms……what a lovely discovery in a place of allotment…

Week 17

2 June – 8 June 2008

Farewell Uncle

4th of June a phone call from home told me Uncle SeaFull has passed away, feeling sad. May 12th the earthquake disaster still raw fresh, June 4th; a memorable date to remember those students and civilians in China voiced their rights and got killed in 1989. Rest in peace Uncle SeaFull, you’ll always in my prayers and in my thoughts.

Highlight @ 25A this week

Weeding does help in soothing all these up and down emotions, the best healing potion is the pick and dump action, it does good to the vegetable and good exercise both mind and body too. Here are some highlight of this week….

Potato rows

This is more than the highlight, they are really growing fantastic….

The follow one is from plot 26, noticed their planting strategy and that is every few weeks in between….

Plan for next planting

To make the allotment work for you, plan ahead is the advise being given by all allotment geeks, so here is my little seedlings ready to be plant next ……

Produce of the week

Cabbage ‘spring hero’ is really yummy, will try in the future in my plot….

Bits and Pieces


The growing speed of all those tadpoles in my rock pool really catching up, see here they are…..

Week 16

26 May – 1 June 2008

Plot 25A

At week 16, the plot looks thriving, most of the vegetables seem doing well.



The radish has been a great success and all gone to our stomach. The patch of ground is now prepare to grow mooli, wait and see.


The cabbage from Pat’s seedlings has been doing brilliantly, they are Winnigstadt, a must for the future.

Chard & Spinach

Both spinach and chard are super too, especially we all love spinach and the chard has come up our favour now.


Unfortunately, not all successful as others, 2 courgette plants has failed, so I have dug out the area and regrow something later.

Produces of the week

Bits and Pieces


The tadpoles I’ve got them since week 8, and now they are one by one turn to froglets, it is amazing to watch…..

Sowing seeds

I have found that sowing fine seeds are really tedious, and by browsing on the net here I learnt how to make it easy……