Week 7

Easter holiday come and gone, this year the Easter was a bit early, at least three weeks earlier than the normal. The weather still on the cold and chilly side, although some time while the sun is out the Spring feel is somehow sneak in, just a brief touch. Am I talking jibes, of course not, as when I notice the activities at the allotments….rotovator sound up and down all around the allotments…new people I met there whom were hibernated during the cold season….

This week managed get some man power to haul up the water butt (on the freezing Saturday), fix tool rail inside the shed (on the rainy Easter Monday holiday)…..

the-best-team.jpg the-man-power.jpgset-up-water-butt.jpgwell-organised-shed.jpgtool-rail-fixed.jpg

I worked there during the week to haul all 30 bags compost to the front plot, dug out old plants and fork in the compost to prepare well the ground work……

shape-up-the-plot.jpg add-a-pathway.jpga-new-front.jpgafter-forking-in-compost.jpgsaved-plants-from-former-owner.jpg

My plot neighbour kindly offer me couple rhubarb plant to grace my front row…..



Week 6

Easter week; an early one this year, we still have the end of winter dangling on, wet and cold. Caught the dry moment to reset the second pathway, dug the front edge, hopefully make a decent front line. Compost lady paid a pre Easter visit and sold me 30 bags compost and load at the site. By Easter turn to Easter bunny to deliver all these Easter Eggs……

2nd row pathway A line up frontEaster Eggs parade

Week 5

Watch Bid Dig on UKTV gardening programme, have some more discovery on Biodynamic cycle planting, done a few research and have order a calender to try the experience. Hope it work. Also read a lot on this companion planting, I found the logic of it, I shall experience of it at my plot, just wait and see. This week spend a lot of time on line to study the WordPress tutorial and tips, very educational.

We have the first stormy weather this year, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were hit by strong wind, the largest howling wind in this winter and hope this is the last, then we have the sky open with buckets of rain, rain and rain and forecast for a come back cold spell. When there was a dry spell and splint down to the plot to check for any storm damage and only found that one of the compost bin top has blown off, when I was there I lay out the chip barks between two rows for easy access and stop weeds to grow.

runner-beans-sweet-peas-seem-cant-wait.jpg fill-in-my-greenhouse.jpgparepare-to-fill-in-bark-chips.jpga-bit-wet-on-chip-side.jpg100-ltrs-bark-chip-for-the-base.jpgnot-bad-for-first-go-and-4-more-to-go.jpg

Week 4

Discover a moon calender on web that help in planting, it is very interesting and may explore more from there.

More digging during the week, if not know what is JCB, here is a real metal one, but I only need the humanoid JCB for my mini plot.Bought some slab wood plank for the edging, for repairing those broken one and build some new one at the front. On Mother’s day, I have a got hand roll cultivator, I shall take a picture of it next time.

JCBDig in more compostimproving bit by bitplot ready to plant out

Bought myself a 4 tier plastic greenhouse and a cold frame, very excited to have all these new toys.

new-greenhouse.jpg slab-woods-for-edging.jpg

So far I have got potatoes chitting fine in my conservatory, some garlic has sprouted and I have transfer them to 3 inch pots, runner beans has grown fine in pots, 2 lots of board beans, those in the pots been doing fine outside and ready to ground, the others has just new shoots just coming out. all the berry plants also doing fine standing outside and ready to ground too.


Have sow 2 different kinds of tomatoes; money and cherry, also sow some sweet pepper, spinish beet, sun flowers and snap dragons (my summer favour).

spinish-sanp-dragons.jpg tomatoes-pepper.jpg

Week 3

Here we go to week 3 when compare other plots neighbours been there more than 15 years and i.e. they have been there more than 728 weeks; OK, I am on the rolling to no. 3, long way to catch up, but at least I have started……

Scatter some Compost Maker into the compost bin, hope for the best compost for future use.trial for compost making

Get another humanoid JCB which is handy although have to pre book in the future.my another humanoid JCB

Soak more board bean till they spout then transfer to toilet rolls, invent a handy funnel to fill compost to the toilet roll




The bought board beans and raspberry, gooseberry and blackberry are put into individual pots. The sweetpeas seem growing fine.