Week 2

We have cold nights mostly frosty in the morning but fine sunny day time. Saturday Bernie set up the compost bin, dug up another row.

New Compost bin

Wire mesh at the bottom

Follow by the bin

Job done


Sunday I cleared up the front part by the shed, prepare to set up some flowering theme there The Front part



Too cold the next few days, went to Clevedon with Val on Wednesday…..

Val in ClevedonClevedon Pier


Bought 2 pots of board bean for £2, and totally have 23 board bean plants, less than 10 pence each, I think it is well worth. Also bought 2 packets of ready plants including 6 x Raspberry, Blackberry, Gooseberry, Tetberry and Blackcurrent less than £4.


Draw up a plan for future reference of plot 25A plot-look-in-drawing.gif

At the end of week 2, everything seems looking good, with my super digger and more plants put in nursery stage…… Super Diggeronion sets and othersMore plants at Nursery stage



Week 1: My Plot 25A

Bless with the beautiful weather; sunny and dry although a bit on the cold side, it is good time to take over an allotment, my 25A The plot is not bad in condition, it was a big relief after hearing and seeing others took over a piece of wasteland or jungle. Although it is only half of a plot, for the starter as I am, it is just fine. It is about 127 square yards in total, share half shed with 25B. In the coming days I shall spend time there dig and grow…..

1-this-is-it.jpg Look a bit messGet my humanoid JCBA well dug bedAfter the first clearSun bathing fox

A very satisfy first week having my allotment, thanks the weather, thanks the former owner whom has leaving me a descent plot, more so thanks for my wonderful humanoid JCB. Besides all these dig and dug, I started to get some potatoes to chit at the conservatory, here they are..